Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3D full cover

Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3D full cover:- Galaxy S8 has become more popular around the world. It is everyone’s dream to have this new edition of S series. This phone has stylish outlook and great specifications than previous mobiles of this series.

The maintenance of Mobiles like Galaxy S8 is not an easy task. It is very expensive mobile so protection from damages should be done. On of the worst damages on mobile is broken display screen. when a mobile fall from a certain height then it is obvious that the chances of screen damage is very high. Repairing or changing Mobile screen is very costly. So it becomes necessary to protect your Smartphone’s screen from getting damaged. Screen protectors are the best way to secure your Smartphone’s display screen. they protect the screen as well as make them stylish with their various patterns.

Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3D full cover

There are various patterns of screen guards available for Galaxy S8. The size of screen of Galaxy S8 is 5.8” and so the screen protectors are made with this size only. The specific Screen protectors have some features.


  1. Screen protectors secure the screen of Galaxy S8 from damage as well as from the sweat or oil fingerprint.
  2. Easy to clean surface that makes it always look amazing.
  3. It comes in various patterns including star, Tempered glass and many more.
  4. Easy to apply on mobile Display Screen.
  5. Specially meant for Galaxy S8 according to size of its screen.
  6. Improves the look of screen without affecting the Touch sensitivity of your phone.

Mofi tempered glass 3D cover for Galaxy S8


Mofi provides one of the best tempered glass screen protectors with various features at reasonable price. The material of this screen guard is better than other brand’s products. It will make display of your new Galaxy S8 safe from cracks and damages.

  1. This screen guard is scratch proof as well as Fingerprint resistant that makes it more reliable and durable.
  2. It is ultra thin 3D tempered glass that is very easy to install. The sensitivity of touch is not affected by this screen protector.
  3. It is available in colors like silver, gold, black, white and transparent.

Qoesa Tempered Glass

Tempered glasses have become very popular for the protection of Galaxy S8. This screen protector protects the screen from breaking. The screen guard itself broke into pieces but didn’t let anything affect the screen. The high definition and transparency of this Tempered glass is best in the market.

  1. Installation of this Galaxy S8 compatible tempered glass is easy and bubble free. Touch sensitivity remains same after installation.
  2. It is Ultra thin with 0.2 mm thickness and has 9H hardness. 2.5 D curved soft edges to protect the screen better than other protectors and covers.
  3. It is anti smudge, anti broken, scratchproof, and oil resistant and prevents fingerprints.
  4. Automatic adsorption is the best advantage of this Tempered Glass that makes it different from others.
  5. Layers of protection films include Nano structured coating, Tempered Glass, explosion proof film, silicone coating.


A Screen protector damage or break itself while protecting the screen from getting affected. It comes in the size slightly small than the actual screen size so that the applied Screen protector can be easily removed. It comes in the packing that make it easier for user to apply the guard on screen without any problem.

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